Their husbandry and breeding



Right now following birds are for sale:







Prices on request!



I am looking for:

1,1 Siberiancrane / grus leucogeranus

1,1 Hoodedcrane / grus monacha




Reservations can be made for following species:

White-naped Crane

Japanese Crane

Blue Crane

Demoiselle Crane

Sarus crane

Eurasian Crane


All prices are in Euro ex house Linz/Austria (excluded CITES papers if needed)! Delivery against payment eventually possible!

All birds are in good condition and sexes are guaranteed.







2,1 =  2 male, 1 female

* = Type of Cites classification is I/A , that means the birds come with CITES docs.

04 = year of birth

B/S = brother and sister

dbl. = different bloodlines

BP = breedingpair

p = pinioned