Their husbandry and breeding

Dear Homepagevisitor!


My Name is Thomas E. Lifka and I am 48 years old. Beside my hobby I own a realestate company.


Since abt. 30 years I am  keeping and breeding waterfowl as a hobby. It all started with a pair of pekingducks in our flat and turned into a breedingstation with alltogether 4 aviaries and 15 pens of abt. 8000 m² in total.


Since the middle of the 1990ies I specialised in husbandry and breeding of cranes and out of the 9 species we are keeping presently we have had eggs from all of them and from 7 species chicks have fledged!

In addition different waterfowl like ducks, geese and swans can be seen on several of my ponds and some pheasants and doves are completing my collection.




To start my hobby and to extend it to todays proportion it of course needed some help, patience and acceptance from my surrounding!

My special thanks therefor go to following persons which helped me to make my wish come true:


My mother which allowed me to by my first pekingducks and even tolerated it that I let them swim in our bathtub in lack of other bathingpossibilities!


My grandparents which provided me with the land to extend my hobby and which have taken care with endless patience of my feathered friends and raised the chicks as long as they could!


My father who let it grow to todays extend and still stands on my side with his enormous knowledge of home construction and assists me greatly in taking care of my almost 200 birds!


My numerous friends which helped me out when i needed them , especially Hans Wiesinger who had to put up for many years with my countless "guestbirds"!


And " last but not least" my life´s companion Pia and my son Raphael which have to put up with my birdcrazieness and my birds and accept my frequent absence as well as my short time for them and even have to listen to my lamentations if something goes wrong!


Linz, January 2006                                          Many, many thanks


                                                                   Thomas E. Lifka