Their husbandry and breeding


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This homepage is just under construction, so please accept my appologie that not all texts are ready yet!!!


Reservations for young ones from following species out of 2008 can be made: White napedcranes, japanese cranes and demoiselle cranes, sandhill cranes, blue cranes, eurasian cranes and black necked cranes. If you interested in young birds out of 2008 feel free to contact me at any time ( see also "birds for sale/to buy")


The  cape barren geese have 5 ducklings already and the hawaiian geese have 6. Additionally I have young o0nes as follows: 4 nepaldoves, 5 cabottragopans; 5 demoiselle cranes, 4 eurasian cranes, 5 japanese cranes, 3 white naped cranes!


Right now following cranespecies are breeding:

Wattled cranes, black-necked cranes, eurasian cranes, white naped cranes, sandhill cranes,blue cranes and demoiselle cranes!


1,1 Japanese crane displaying.


Picture of the month: My son Raphael with young

white naped cranes and hawaiian geese in a flowerfield.